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OK, my first entry here.
Today I went to an area called the "De WIttsee" in Germany to try a lot of functions and setting on my Olympus cameras.
I have to say that the settings I have read about and which I used on the mk1 and mk2 were pretty good.

On my mk2 I had different AF fields stored under the 1-2 function button. Still need to check if this is possible with the mk1 though.
Keeper rate even with flying birds was pretty good. The pictures were a falcon chased a goose was more of an issue, but that was me instead of the caamera. Maybe a settings as well as they flew in front of a forrest area and the AF had his issues staying on the birds. So maybe a higher settings of the C-AS value for "staying on the object" might have been of an advantage.

Well, still in the learning phase, so I am happy with the results.

Have a look at the pictures here


Thank you